Designed by UK based top naval architect Tony Castro, our boats are hand-built from lamination to final assembly. Focus Yachts rely on individual bespoke construction processes and are built to very high quality levels.


Modern construction techniques vary between manufacturers. Rather than the mass production line techniques of bigger builders, Focus Motor Yachts rely on individual bespoke build processes.

Focus Motor Yachts are built to very high quality levels and certified by a very strict notifying body – IMCI, conforming to higher standards than the basic requirements imposed by the EC Directive 94/25.

Only the highest quality materials and equipment go in to Focus Motor Yachts - from the resins from which the hulls are constructed through to air conditioning and navigation systems.
We prefer manual lamination over vaccum infusion as it allows greater quality control over areas such as bubbles and other imperfections within laminate, very important in the prevention of osmosis and the avoidance of structural de-lamination.


All the GRP parts of Focus Motor Yachts, apart from being laminated manually, are further treated in the process of assembly. After being put together, they are structurally reinforced in a way that interconnects them through a process of laminating the joints between the individual parts.
For example, joints of all the individual parts of inner structure (ceilings, floors, head compartments, etc.) are laminated either to the hull or deck, not just glued. This ensures not just structural rigidity but longevity, even with regular sustained use in challenging conditions. The result is a safe and structurally solid vessel.


Hull forms are carefully optimised to provide the perfect balance between superior sea keeping and interior volume.

Hull form is a hugely important aspect of any boat design. Typically, a deep vee hull form offers improved wave cleaving and better sea keeping, but often at the expense of interior volume and cost, as deeper vee hulls require more power and thus more expensive engines which use more fuel. Flatter hulls create more interior space and are more easily driven requiring smaller cheaper motors but present a far blunter aspect to rough waters.


The interior furniture built into Focus Motor Yachts is of a quality usually associated with the megayacht industry. The wood is protected to endure for many years whilst keeping its initial appearance. It is wear-resistant, does not crack and is weather-proof.

Generally, boats are exposed to heavy oscillations of weather conditions and humidity. In summer the air at sea may be too dry for long periods, while in winter humid air can cause swelling of the wood. Protected as it is, interior furniture of Focus Motor Yachts does not suffer from these changes of conditions.

Interior finishes that are not wooden are upholstered, giving a far more luxurious ambience than the bare mouldings found inside many boats.

Beyond the pleasing appearance, the result of a long lasting high quality finish is high residual value, and strong resale makes a Focus Motor Yacht every bit as appealing financially as it is emotionally.

After Sale

You may find very convenient the fact that with Focus Motor Yachts you get full support directly from the factory.

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Our Company

Focus Motor Yachts is rooted in quality, design and service and run by established marine industry professionals.

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